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Ive had a crush on my straight friend for 2 years and now her boyfriend of 1 years just cheated on her and she is posting on twitter about how sad she is and how she is crying and i cant do anything for her and its tearing me apart. She has no idea how i feel because im not out to anyone. BUT plot twist. She does not know that one of our mutual friend just outed her to me as being bi-curious. its like a dream come true to most people but i cant even talk to her! What do it do? Advice please!

Alright, well, beings this girl is just bi-curious, being in your position, I would take things very very slow.
Start comforting her, just kinda swoop on in there and be her shoulder to cry on. You have to figure out if she has a mutual liking for you, aswell. You can start by gradually getting closer and closer to her. Don’t put any pressure on her though, that’ll only scare her away. I would say make your feelings known, but in this situation, I believe it’d be wise to keep them to yourself untill you are positive you can be open enough to share them with her.
Honestly, what I would do is be there for her in any way possible right now, especially after a breakup. She probably wont be willing to rush into a relationship any time soon.

Good luck, my dear Anon!

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